Budget 2011: Aito welcomes APD freeze but demands more

Tour Operators has welcomed the government's decision to freeze Air Passenger Duty but says it does go far enough.

Chairman Derek Moore said that while the delay in putting up APD until next year - announced in today's annual Budget speech - would be welcome news to members but stressed that APD?was still?too high.

"It's welcome news that APD rise has been delayed but what we're really saying is that it is staying where it is, which we still believe is too high," he said. "It's a bit of a cyncial attempt by the government to gain points."

On news that a per plane tax would not be going ahead, Moore said the only "crumb of comfort" was that the government would continue to look at ways to change international law to introduce this.

Other changes introduced to support small businesses and cut red tape, including plans to merge income tax and national insurance operations, would be good news for Aito members, added Moore.

"Since Aito has many small and medium-sized members we welcome any move to ease the plethora of red t