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Brexit negotiations and the weaker pound will make little difference to plans for luxury holidays abroad this year, a new study reveals.

A survey sent to 9,468 regular travellers by tailor-made specialist Red Savannah found that 78% felt that Brexit made no difference as to whether they were going to undertake luxury travel or not in 2017.

A majority (80%) said that Brexit would not influence their decision as to whether or not they would travel to Europe this year.

Three quarters felt that the weaker value of the pound would not impact on the number of holidays they would take this year.

A slightly smaller number (62%) said that the US election outcome would not influence their decision as to whether or not they would travel to the country in 2017.

The areas most respondents said they would be most likely to visit in 2017 are:

Europe – 35%
Asia – 15%
Africa – 12%
North America – 11%
Australasia – 8%
South America – 6%
Indian Ocean – 6%
Indian Subcontinent – 6%

Company founder and chief executive George Morgan-Grenville said: “The good news from these findings is that life very much goes on as normal.

“Luxury travellers are clearly saying that any uncertainty created by prolonged Brexit negotiations, Donald Trump’s election and the weaker pound won’t stop the majority planning overseas holidays.

“There has never been a better time to explore new destinations – the Cambodian Riviera, the Andaman Islands and Kenya are just some of the hotspots that we predict will be in demand d