Black Tomato launches Epic Tomato for the uber-adventurous

ato has launched a new tailor-made ultimate experiences brand – Epic Tomato.

The ‘extreme adventure led proposition’ gives clients a choice of a series of intrepid experiences.

Each is created from scratch and led by the Epic Tomato experts, all of whom have experience of living in the wild or special forces training, and take clients to the world’s most geographically extreme destinations and bring them unique experiences.

Tom Marchant, co-founder said: “As with Black Tomato we are seeing the definition of luxury changing and what it means to our clients.?

“People are seeking the earned experience that combines a sense of achievement with a back to your explorer roots sense of intrepidation.?

“These trips provide just this, and when combined with the unique experiences and removal from the franticness of the 24 hour global world – this pure and challenging form of pioneering adventure is understandably attractive.”

The Epic?Tomato experiences fall into five ‘terrain’ categories (jungle, desert, mountain, polar, rivers) and are hand-crafted to bot embrace the elements and meet the emerging definition of ‘luxury’ travel that encompasses the authenticity of an earned experience.

Within each category a range of trips are available from jungle training and tribal trekking to the Duke of York islands in Papua New Guinea where shell money is still exchanged, to pulling pulks to unmapped areas of the Antarctic, to forging paths in some of the oldest forests in Borneo or?following Churchill’s footsteps and kayaking the White Nile