Azamara launches 'more inclusive' pricing" target="_blank">Azamara?Club Cruises has revealed ‘more inclusive’ pricing for Europe 2013 cruises, including a new complimentary evening excursion.

Edie Bornstein, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Azamara Club Cruises, told Travel Weekly that each guest will have one complimentary AzAmazing Evening per voyage, such as ballet at Mikhailovsky Theatre in St Petersburg.

"The guests are not going to like it -?they are going to love it," said Bornstein. “The concept is not just to give them something different but something that culturally immerses them in a location.”

She explained that the evenings are bespoke events, and are part of Azamura’s evolving brand experience.

“We are constantly in an evolutionary stage,” said Bornstein, adding that they wanted to expand upon their 'key brand differentiator' of longer shore stays.

The complimentary AzAmazing Evening replaces the 2012 Land Discoveries 50% off promotion, although those excursions will continue into 2013.?

Other all-inclusive features for next year include a shuttle bus to and from ports (where available), gratuities, standard brands of spirits, international beers and a special selection of wines throughout the day.

The more-inclusive pricing begins in 2013 with Azamara Quest on March 27 and Azamara Journey on May 15.

According to Bornstein, upmarket and ultra luxury brands are moving more towards offering a “more inclusive experience”.

The two ships are also being refurbished, with the Quest undergoing renovations in November in Spain this year, and Journey in January 2013 in Singapore.

As well as refreshing the ships’ appearance, Bornstein said that the vessels will also have statutory and regulatory enhancements.

“We have a mantra of safety first, whatever we do,” said Bornstein.

When asked about the affect of the Costa Concordia tragedy on the cruise industry, she said: “It certainly had an impact, no doubt, but I like to think it’s behind us now and I think the general public has moved on.

“I think one of the impacts of Concordia is it might have made a first-time cruiser more hesitant, but that was 10 months ago and I think the public ha