Australia's Hayman reopens after cyclone repairs

://" target="_blank">Hayman re-opened today after a five-month enforced closure to restore and repair the private island destination in the Great Barrier Reef.

Extensive works were carried out during the closure, which came as a result of the severe damage caused by tropical cyclones Anthony and Yasi earlier in the year.

The renovation has involved almost every aspect of the Great Barrier Reef resort, starting with a 16-hectare garden landscape created by TV horticulturalist Jamie Durie.

The centrepiece is a new botanical garden featuring 33,000 new plants and 327 new species.

The island's managing director Lloyd Donaldson said the landscaping alone has cost around A$4 million.

He said: “All of the buildings have been repainted, the new beach villas have been completed, all of the sandstone has been rejuvenated, we've upgraded all our lagoon rooms, our penthouse and the majority of our guest rooms have been refurbished, and pretty much every item on the island has been touched.”

Eight Kerry Beach Villas have re-opened featuring large private pools in an open air gallery with day beds, a private terrace and outdoor shower.

Hayman is owned and operated by Mulpha Australia and is a member of the Leading Hotels