Aqua Expeditions founder to lead sailings

series of hosted journeys for 2016.?

Taking place on the Amazon and Mekong rivers, there will be six Aqua Expeditions Journeys during 2016, with four hosted by chefs David Thompson and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, and two by Aqua Expeditions founder Francesco Galli Zugaro.

Guests will interact with hosts one-on-one and experience exclusive activities and tours, specifically designed for each individual journey.?

Zugaro explained: “We have developed our new series of hosted departures to delight our guests with authentic culinary and enriching educational experiences – both those who have travelled on board before and those experiencing Aqua Expeditions for the first time.? We have incredible talent within our team and we are in a position to offer experiential, interactive cruises unlike anyone else on the Amazon and Mekong rivers.”

The Aqua Expeditions Gourmet Journeys will be hosted by Pedro Schiaffino on board Aqua Amazon (Peru), and by David Thompson on board Aqua Mekong (Cambodia & Vietnam).?

Each will feature customised market tours, where guests will explore local markets with the chefs, learn about locally grown and harvested ingredients used in Aqua Expeditions cuisine.?

Guests will experience a hands-on master class, gaining insider insight into the secrets of recipe planning, preparation and execution.? The chefs will also share their creative vision for the menus on board, and reveal their culinary inspirations from around the globe through an interactive Q&A session.

Francesco Galli Zugaro will lead one Aqua Expeditions Journey on Aqua Mekong and one on Aqua Amazon in August and September.? While sharing his creative vision for launching the company Galli Zugaro will lead guests on his favourite excursions to discover hidden gems along the river – travelling by bike alongside the Mekong through local villages or kayaking down the Amazon to spot extraordinary wildlife.

There will also be informal cocktail-hours on deck as he shares his insights into the construction and design process for Aqua Expeditions’ three vessels, his strategy and commitment to responsible tourism, eco-friendly operations and locally-sensitive company policies.

As the series progresses, other hosts – speakers, writers and explorers – are expected to be announced as guest hosts for Aqua Expedition Journeys, offering diverse limited-edition experiences on board.?