Aito 2011: Turn away the 'wrong' customers, says Kirker boss

turn certain clients away, according to Ted Wake of Kirker Holidays.

Speaking the Aito conference in Vilnius, Wake said it was important not to waste time on people who don’t value the service good agents offer.

He added: “I know this is controversial but you have to take a long view and ensure you use your time to look after the clients who already love you and those who will love you.”

Wake even suggested making sure your shop's appeal is not too broad.

“Your shop or your website should subtly say that not everyone is welcome here, freeing your energies for those who can afford and value good service.”

Wake said that clients who do value the service will appreciate seeing clients who don’t being turned away.

He also said the number of potential new valuable clients is higher than ever this year thanks to the short-term difficulties presented by the ash cloud and BA strikes last year.

He explained: “In 2010 many people had gone online and DIYed their trip and didn’t have the service they needed when things went wrong.

“Now they are ready to invest a little more time and effort to consult with an