Air Partner launches JetCard app for UK customers

Global aviation services group Air Partner has launched a new mobile app in the UK for members of its exclusive JetCard programme.

Available for iPhone and Android users, the new app allows members to access their account details and begin the booking process for private flights via their smartphone.

Members can plan and submit a booking request, choose aircraft cabin category, arrange catering and ground transportation, calculate flight hours, and view statements and trip history.

Air Partner saw a 57.9% increase in the number of new JetCard members between February and October 2021, as well as a 162.8% increase in the number of member deposits.  

The programme provides a host of benefits including guaranteed availability, global reach, flight hours that never expire and fully refundable account balances.

A dedicated account manager can help members tailor their membership to their travel needs. Members can choose their membership type, cabin category and flight hours, and fixed hourly rates are deducted from the account balance.

The JetCard programme also offers the option to fly transatlantic, with a fixed hourly rate to and from any destination between Europe and the United States.

“Air Partner is transforming the way both corporate and leisure travellers fly private by making our private aviation services more accessible and convenient than ever been before,” said managing director Kevin MacNaughton. 

“At our core, we are focused on providing the best service and meeting our customer’s needs where they are. Our new mobile app does just that. Providing an even more seamless experience to our JetCard members and helping them save time, effort, and money when arranging their private charter needs.” 

To download the app, visit the Apple App or Google Play stores. Members can also access the app directly online at