Africa Hub aims to help educate and inspire agents

A new digital trade hub has been set up to give agents insight and practical advice about travel to Africa.

The Africa Hub aims to be a “first-stop, authoritative and invaluable resource on Africa” for tour operators and agents.

It aims to inspire Africa specialists and those keen to learn more about the continent’s offering. 

The online platform, developed by Small World Marketing, will host webinars from experts and in-depth presentations, as well as “easy-to-digest content” featuring itineraries, maps and fact-files.

The team behind the hub hope that agents will use the platform as a way of keeping up to date with the latest Africa information and news, and as a comprehensive training tool to help with the bounce back in demand for Africa.

Anita Powell, managing director of The Africa Hub, said: “The industry anticipates unprecedented demand for Africa when people are able to travel again, and The Africa Hub helps open up the opportunities of the whole incredible continent. Through our network of specialists, it offers expertise, insights and a wealth of practical information to those selling Africa post-Covid.”

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