AE Expeditions’ ship showcased to trade by company founder

Leading UK travel agents and tour operators have been shown around AE Expeditions’ ship Greg Mortimer during a call into Aberdeen.

Company founder Greg Mortimer welcomed members of the trade on board his namesake vessel ahead of its summer Arctic sailing season.

The boss of the Australian adventure cruise company was in the country to lead an itinerary from Scotland to Svalbard via the Orkney and Shetland Islands, one of seven new cruises.

AE Expeditions has hosted three ship visits in recent weeks, the last of which takes place in Dublin on board new ship Sylvia Earle

EMEA managing director Jos Dewing said: “Having the ships in the UK and Ireland has offered our travel partners the chance to come onboard and meet some of the crew and expedition team. 

“A particular highlight for our agents was meeting our founder Greg Mortimer in Aberdeen, who offered an insight into how AE Expeditions continues to pioneer new destinations, whilst maintaining its strong ethos of preserving and conserving the natural world. 

“Greg Mortimer laid down this guiding principal over 32 years ago and it continues to be central to [parent company] Aurora’s deep commitment to travel with a positive impact.”

Senior business development manager Andrew Tait said: “Our travel partners, whose support we greatly appreciate, have been particularly interested in the trailblazing exploratory voyage along the East Greenland coast which, weather permitting, will include exploration of the northern reaches of Kronprins Christian Land, a location not frequented by expedition cruises.”

Business development manager Katie Harber was also on board to explain the programme for the coming season which has drawn interest in particular from those who are new to cruise.

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