Advantage claims new partnership will 'make busy lives easier'

vantage agents who use TARSC back office and the Advantage Travel Gateway (ATG) booking system are being promised.

Bookings made on Gateway will automatically be processed into TARSC, eliminating the need for members to re-key the information, saving time and ensuring a seamless procedure as part of a partnership with Vertical Systems.

Advantage is looking to develop similar partnerships with other back office suppliers to provide the same level of interface for members using ATG. Around 300 members use Gateway.

ATG was launched two years ago as an easy-to-use aggregator offering competitively priced flights, accommodation, ancillaries and holiday packages from preferred suppliers.

Gateway collates pricing and content from preferred suppliers into one central system, allowing members to search and book via a browser-based booking engine.

Members also have the ability to manipulate their own margins to maximise profit and respond to market conditions.

Advantage leisure director Julia Lo Bue-Said said: “This agreement is the first step in a long-term partnership with Vertical Systems to work more closely together for the benefit of our members.

“It is also part of our drive to provide members with an efficient system to reduce transaction times and essentially make their busy lives easier. Many members on TARSC who don’t currently use ATG will be attracted to use Gateway for bookings as the systems will be fully integrated.”

Vertical Systems chief executive Mike Russell said: “We have been working with Advantage for a number of years and this is a significant step for them and their members in terms of delivering a real benefit that will ensure a smooth process for those using TARSC and ATG.

“We look forward to implementing similar enhancements in future that add value to the technology