60 Seconds With: Stephen England-Hall, chief executive, Tourism New Zealand

With Stephen England-Hall, chief executive, Tourism New Zealand

Q. Is the UK a crucial part of your growth strategy?

The UK is a crucial component of New Zealand’s visitor make-up. UK visitors are high-value, partly driven by a long average stay, at 25 days. Around 75% of them travel beyond the main tourist areas, so they are crucial for regional diversity. Our 32 Luxury Lodges of New Zealand are experiencing double-digit growth from the UK, while increased airline capacity is also bringing more first-class and business passengers.

Strengthening New Zealand’s image as a luxury destination and developing strong partnerships with in-market luxury travel sellers is a key focus of our UK strategy.


Q. How are you promoting new Zealand with the UK trade?

 Our Europe premium sector strategy is B2B-focused, working with UK operators to develop luxury New Zealand product and generate demand from high-value clients. Our luxury famil programme means more travel sellers than ever have first-hand knowledge. Events such as Aspire’s Luxury Travel Forums also keep us front-of-mind.


Q. How are you training agents on New Zealand?

Our 100% PURE New Zealand Specialist programme is the best way to learn about New Zealand. Our luxury hub has a wealth of information on accommodation and more bespoke experiences. Our premium sector manager in Europe, Kate Fenton, is the point of contact for agents requiring in-house training or luxury product advice.

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