11-day Arctic adventure launched by Aqua Firma

ildlife & Marine Sailing Voyage onboard a classic three masted barquentine to its Arctic Wildlife Sailing Voyage programme.

The trip?departs in September - usually the best time to see the region’s marine life, including the ghostly white beluga, humpback whales, minke whales and sei whales.

There is also the possibility of seeing orcas, polar bears, Arctic foxes, walruses and reindeer.?

The majority of the voyage will be spent amidst Spitsbergen’s western coast, dominated by towering cliffs, deep fjords and glaciers with calving ice fronts.?

At this time of year, the days are long and seeing the Northern Lights is a possibility.

On shore treks will provide opportunities to explore historical sites such as former whaling stations and Pomor hunting sites.??

Among the expedition team?is marine scientist and polar expert Charlotte Caffrey who will give a series of evening talks and lectures, including photo details from?her diving in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Depending on weather conditions passengers may also have the opportunity to try their hands at hoisting the ship’s sails.

The vessel offers 16 cabins with a choice of double or twin berths or family units - all en suite facilities and has two?onboard zodiacs enabling passengers to explore the Arctic wilderness in greater depth and ride to the shore.?

The trip sets off on September 10 for 11 days and costs from £2,360 per person.