Mazagan Beach and Golf resort, Morocco

LOCATION: There is more to Morocco than Marrakesh.

LOCATION: There is more to Morocco than Marrakesh.  The Atlantic coast in the North West Doukkala region enjoys a mild temperate climate meaning that the summers are not too hot and you can still go to the beach in the winter. Less than an hour’s drive from Casablanca, the hotel is close to two ancient cities, El Jadida and Azemmour. Given the magnificence of the seven kilometre beach, the most surprising thing is that it has taken so long for anything to be built here, enabling the Kerzner group to bag 250 hectares of virgin land. Because of its position the beach is almost entirely for the use of hotel guests.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: We arrived late at night and there were so many lights  I thought we were arriving at a small town, not a resort.  Inside the compound the Moorish design gives a flavour of the country.   Ochre walls, date palms and a central riad form the main reception and lounge area, from which corridors lead to the bedrooms. There was a real buzz with some guests still eating in the restaurants, others in the bar or heading off to the casino or nightclub. 

THE FACTS: There are 490 rooms of differing types, but all of a good size - with so much land, what would be the point of scrimping? Mine was typical of most five star hotels, ticking all the boxes  - huge comfy bed, attractive well equipped bathroom, a desk, lots of cupboards in the entrance area, plasma screen TV, balcony, neutral walls and a lighting system that required a more technical mind than mine to work out.  There are lots of restaurants each with its own distinct offering.  We had breakfast on the terrace in Olives, lunch on the beach at Chiringuito or at the Clubhouse, and dinner either in Sel de Mer (the superb fish restaurant)  The Market Place ( a buffet with different stations for every type of cuisine) or the traditional Moroccan restaurant Morjana  which is  stunning both to look at and eat in.  There are four main attractions: the  pool, the  golf course,  the casino and the  spa. 

A GOOD BASE FOR: Mazagan is superb for families. There are clubs and great facilities for every age from  three-month babies through to the sports coach for adults and DJ for teenagers. The computer games room for teenagers is out of this world. The beach has every activity including riding and the sea breeze means it never gets too hot. It’s also good for girly spa weekends, if only to experience the traditional hammam. The Teyaba ( the specialist therapist) rubs the kiss ( the traditional Moroccan glove)  so hard that no dead skin cells could possibly survive. It was lying naked on the slab, that I met the very charming wife of the Moroccan Ambassador to London.

WOW: the beach with its miles and miles of soft sand and the crashing waves of the Atlantic.

HOW MUCH: From £649 for four nights with Fleetway Travel including return flights to Casablanca from Gatwick with Air Arabia.