Jumby Bay, Antigua

LOCATION: Small island off the north east coast of Antigua.

LOCATION: Small island off the north east coast of Antigua.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: As the crow flies it’s an extraordinarily short trip from frantic airport to secluded paradise. Such proximity to the airport is not always pleasing but in this case, should a crow decide to make the journey, it would cross a two and half mile ocean moat that separates Jumby from the rest of the world.After a very brief drive guests board Jumby’s private boat and in a flash you’re on a 300 acre island where golf buggies, bicycles and legs are the only modes of transport going.It could be anywhere, or at least, anywhere hot and amazing - if it’s a relatively private contemporary luxury getaway that’s wanted then the Caribbean has little to rival this.

THE FACTS: The hotel, operated by Rosewood, doubles as a clubhouse for the uber-wealthy homeowners of the island whose properties come with an equal share of the land. Tourists are the well looked after guests whose cash helps keep the resort and island up to, and well beyond, scratch. There will only ever be 56 houses and 40 hotel rooms and a serious dollop of island space is conserved and seems to belong to the cows. For the serious pockets some of the stunning houses are for rent, but the rooms are not far behind on the pleasant stakes.The danger of a pool suite is that you might not want to go out. Ever. With 1,346 square feet of living space including a television the size of a five-a-side football pitch, a bed worthy of a princess, a huge living room, in room dining, an outdoor bath and shower and a huge terrace with a decent pool and marvellous views it is easy to become a hermit. A very happy hermit.Luckily the sea is always glinting in the distance and coupled with the occasional glimpse of an impossibly wholesome-looking person on a bike pootling by the motivation to swap private bliss for shared bliss galvanises on occasion.

WOW: The pool suites are extraordinary. But also if you get a little island fever there’s a rather charming bigger one called Antigua a couple of furlongs away.

COST: 7 nights from £3160 per adult