Hillside Beach Club, Fethiye, Turkey

LOCATION: In a private cove on south west Turkey’s turquoise coast.

LOCATION: In a private cove on south west Turkey’s turquoise coast. The nearest airport is Dalaman which is a 50-minute drive from the resort and Fethiye town centre is 4kms away.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The resort is set in a 30-acre pine forest which is handy for two reasons. One, it is rather pretty, and two, it makes the resort feel like it’s got 50 rooms rather than 330. Not that there’s anything wrong with having 330 rooms, more rooms often means more to do, but to have the activities of a medium sized hotel with a bedroom that feels like it’s in a boutique is rather a clever trick.

THE FACTS: It’s an all-inclusive resort that attempts to keep all of the people happy, all of the time.With a 55% repeat guest rate and in res figures almost always in the 90s it’s clearly not doing too badly.The key to an all-inclusive that still feels exclusive is space, choice and no wristbands. Here I bathed on four different beaches, ate in three varied restaurants (Mediterranean, Italian and a la carte) and was massaged in two spas: and not once had to wave my wrist at someone.With very active resorts such as this it can be difficult to escape the action and action related noises but the aptly named Silent Beach and Serenity Beach did live up to their promise. Needless to say Silent Beach was free of children. Otherwise it would have been Silent With Occasional Screaming Beach.If, like me, you can only cope with silence for five minutes before ruining it for everyone else the main beach is probably a more sensible base.Sociable people can play games together – volleyball and boules seemed most popular –  the antisocial can scuba dive or jet-ski, and lazy folk can sit still and have things brought to them.At different times of day I fell into all three categories and can confirm that even though sunbathing is, in my eyes, just a tedious and uncomfortable way to get wrinkles I didn’t feel bored at any stage.Also worth noting that if your clients have children from four upwards there are suitable places to get rid of them for a few hours without having to feel guilty as, from what I saw, they’ll almost certainly have more fun without their parents.

A GOOD BASE FOR: As much as I hate the idea of never leaving a resort while on holiday this is about as close as you’ll come to having every element a client needs to forget about which country they’re in and simply enjoy the weather.

WOW: If your client is the kind that enjoys time on the balcony the superior suites have a turbo comfortable sofa out there that was designed for those glorious accidental day time naps. 

HOW MUCH: From EUR 148 (approx. £118) per person per night on a full board basis. hillsidebeachclub.com