Winkle cocktail raises cash for charity

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The Churchill Bar & Terrace in London?has created a new cocktail in honour of The Winkle Club.

The club is a charity formed by Hastings fishermen in 1900 to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Sir Winston Churchill was made an honorary member in 1955 and the new Winkle Cocktail has been created with our Greatest Briton and the naval men of Hastings in mind.

The cocktail combines Pussers Rum, as issued to the British Royal Navy for over 300 years, with Sir Francis Drake’s scurvy cure of lime juice, cider syrup and spices.

Earl Grey tea is added as a testament to the East India Trading company while fresh apple juice from the Garden of England, Kent, completes the drink.

This mixture is shaken and served in a coup glass with two Amarena cherries, soaked in Bourbon. For each Winkle cocktail served, £1 is donated to The Winkle Club.

The new Churchill Bar & Terrace opened at the end of 2012 and is filled with references to Churchill– cigars, travel, animals, and his beloved wife, Clementine.

The Winkle costs £15. For more click