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A review of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been ordered by US regulators after a series of incidents put a question mark over the safety of the new generation aircraft.

The review by the Federal Aviation Administration will look at the design and manufacture of the aircraft.

It is not clear whether the planes in the air at the moment will be grounded, the BBC reported.

An electrical fire, a brake problem, a fuel spill and cracks in the cockpit's windshield have affected Dreamliner flights in the past week.

"We are absolutely confident in the reliability and performance of the 787", a Boeing spokesman said. "We are working with the FAA and our customers to ensure we thoroughly understand any introductory issues that arise.

"While we take each issue seriously, nothing we've seen in service causes us to doubt the capabilities of the airplane."

Thomson Airways is the first UK carrier planning to introduce the Dreamliner into service this year with both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic also ordering