Triptease - the next generation of travel review site

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A new review site has launched with the intention of revolutionising the sector.

Triptease will allow users, who are not allowed to be anonymous, to create content resembling glossy magazine editorial with a variety of templates to choose from.

Founder Charlie Osmond said: “We believe in changing travel reviews from bland and boring to beautiful and inspiring through high quality content that is designed for sharing.

“Existing review sites are text heavy and often anonymous. They make great hotels look ugly and suck the joyful anticipation out of great travel. Triptease will change the way we see and share travel, putting beauty and style back into reviews.

Users can find and follow each other, using a similar mechanism to Twitter, and find the people whose opinions they trust and respect.

Triptease has a website and an app built for iPad which the company sees as “the perfect mobile platform for flicking through stunning travel images.”