Tailor Made Travel staff reassured

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The parent company of Tailor Made Travel has reassured staff that a proposal to shut the business is not due to any lack of staff effort or success.

Titan Travel is due to make a decision on the brand’s future when a consultation with 30 staff finishes on May 8.

This follows a strategic review of the business, with closure one of the options being considered.

A spokesman said: “The company wants to make it clear that the review stems from the economics of running a highly bespoke operation. The review is taking place because of the nature of the business; it is not due to any lack of effort or success of the staff. Sandra Bolton, who is focused on travel agent sales, and the direct sales team have done a fantastic job. They have worked incredibly hard.”

The brand started working with the trade last May.

If the Cheltenham-based business does close and no buyer is found, staff will be made aware of opportunities to move to Titan’s offices in Redhill, Surrey, or Saga’s offices in Folkestone, Kent, or face redundancy. “For those that want to apply, there will be positions and opportunities available within the group,” said the spokesman.

Tailor Made Travel specialises in bespoke holidays to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The company said it continues to be business as usual for Tailor Made Travel and that bookings would be taken as normal until May 8 and honoured and operated