Silversea launches brochure and agent competition

chure next week and has extended its programme of free guest credit on board to a far wider volume of trips.

The total was capped at $1,000 last year and only applied to select sailings but the limit is now $1,500, depending on time at sea, in an attempt to become a truly all-inclusive product according to Director of marketing Anil Swarup.

He explained: “We like to promote our product as truly all inclusive but rather than dictate what must be included we give the guest the credit so that they can decide for themselves if they want to buy excursions, get spa treatments, spend it in the boutique shop or whatever.”

The line has free flights and transfers to 75% of sailings as part of its desire to enable customers to budget before travelling and its programme of business class upgrade options is proving successful with a 40-50% take up.

Swarup revealed that the far east is performing particularly well for Silversea and that customers are wanting more information about what they will experience when they get off the ship.

“Our marketing has changed in tone to reflect this and entice guests with the on shore opportunities.”

Forward bookings are better for 2012 than they were for 2011 at the same time last year and similarly last year was better than the year before according to Swarup.

He added: “The average daily rate has dropped a little but that was to be expected in the midst of a recession.”

The 2012 brochure will be the first to have price inserts rather than being printed inside it and Swarup insisted that these prices would be the best available.

He explained: “We want to encourage booking early and reward those who do – we need to avoid people waiting till the last minute thinking they will get a deal.”

To celebrate the launch of the new brochure Silversea has launched an exclusive?competition with Travel Weekly to win visits to two of its fleet. For more go to