Private jets made easy for agents

om" target="_blank">Victor, the online market place for private jet charter and seat sales, is launching a bespoke booking channel for the trade.

The platform, which?will be ready for the industry to use from mid-April,?will?provide travel partners with an electronic booking and point of sale?tool?thereby doing away with the need to rely on brokers and lengthy research into best possible quotes.

Victor will enable the travel industry to charter flights and buy seats direct at cost plus a 3% transactional margin and?choose and compare quotes with complete transparency, financial security and flexibility.

Founder Clive Jackson said: “Our growing membership and enthusiasm for the jet sharing concept demonstrates that people are always looking for a smarter way to get? the very best things in life without having to pay over the odds.”

“Our mission is to make private jet travel affordable and accessible and provide an alternative solution to the low-cost budget airlines that dominate many routes across Europe. High end operators and partners can now add the private jet option to their own tailor-made itineraries.”

Since launch in August 2011, Victor has 794 members, an average of 100 new members are joining each month.

With over 50 operators and 200 aircraft contracting to Victor– they now have the largest “contracted” fleet of private jets across