New app for Kuoni

allow customers to access brochures, videos, travel articles and its website.

The app is free to download and is automatically kept up to date with the operator’s full range of brochures, which once downloaded can be read anytime, even when the user is not connected to the internet.

Updates to previously downloaded brochures are flagged and the app checks for new brochures each time it is started.

Matt Rooke, Ebusiness and publishing vice president Matt Rooke said: “We want to make Kuoni as accessible as possible to all its customers and provide effective and efficient methods that feed the current demand.

“Because the app self-updates we can rest assured that customers are getting the best quality of information on a daily basis, in a format that suits them.

Also iPad is a fast growing channel and we particularly like the way an app gives Kuoni a branded presence on our customer’s device.”

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