Necker Island limobike in London this summer

ed up with its sister company Virgin Limobikes to help people get around London quickly this summer.

They have unveiled branded Necker Island and Roof Gardens Limobikes that will be able to get passengers from one end of the capital to the other in a hurry.

Journeys from the Olympic Park to The Roof Gardens in Kensington will take approximately 35 minutes.

Passengers will be driven by Virgin Limobike riders Damian Rowley and Russ Marks who were trained at the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists.

Damian has been a professional motorcyclist for 18 years and is an ex Motorsport Instructor. He was also a Rider in the World Endurance championship for three consecutive years in 2006, 2007 & 2008. Russ has been a professional motorcyclist for over 20 years.

To book a branded Necker Island or Roof Gardens limobike email oe call 0