MPs show preference for overseas holidays

ely to take a holiday abroad this summer compared to 57% of the general public, an Abta poll out today (Friday) shows.

The association used the findings to highlight the impact of Air Passenger Duty on family budgets at the start of the peak season.

MPs from Wales are the keenest to head overseas with nearly 9 out of 10 (88%) likely to have a holiday abroad this summer, followed by those from the Midlands (72%), the north of England (68%), and Scotland and Northern Ireland (63%).

MPs from London are the least likely to have a holiday abroad this summer, with just 6 out of 10 (60%) planning a trip, according to the annual MP holiday survey conducted by ComRes.

The study found that seven out of ten (70%) Labour MPs likely to take an overseas break (70%), followed by Lib Dems (69%) and Conservatives (68%).

Abta senior public affairs and research manager Stephen D’Alfonso said: “Our annual MP holiday survey shows that for MPs, like many of their constituents, a summer holiday abroad is part of the British lifestyle.

“We'd ask MPs, as they head on these holidays to think about the effect of Air Passenger Duty, the government’s tax-take from flying, will have on family budgets and on our ability to enjoy summer holidays abroad.”

All three party leaders have made their holiday plans pubic and are holidaying abroad this summer. Prime minister David Cameron is currently in Portugal with plans to visit Cornwall later in the year; deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has already had a holiday in Spain and has another booked in France and Labour leader Ed Miliband is taking a fortnight in the south of France.

The survey revealed that younger parliamentarians prefer to go abroad with 7 out of 10 (71%) MPs born after 1960 likely to have a holiday abroad compared to just half (54%) of those born before 1950. In addition, more male MPs are likely to go overseas this summer than females (69% of men, 62% of women).

Recently elected MPs are more likely to remain in the UK during the summer recess with two thirds (68%) of MPs elected since 2010 holidaying abroad compared to three quarters (74%) of those in power since before 1986.

Those MPs in the safest seats are also the most likely to holiday abroad (72% of MPs with a marginality