Cypriot hotelier reassures trade

Thanos Michaelides is in the UK meeting with trade partners to assure them there is no reason not to send clients to Cyprus.

Michaelides revealed that partners and clients have been extremely supportive and at the luxury end at least there was no pressure being applied to drop prices.

He added: “We have received a lot of letters and emails from our regular clients offering support and assuring us that they will keep coming.

“There was a slight dip in bookings and some questions about using credit cards and cash machines but the bookings are coming back."

Michaelides believes tourism, which employs 40,000 of the country's 800,000 people,?must come to the rescue of the country.

All hotels have pledged to employ local people wherever possible and the industry is lobbying the government to lower energy bills and interest rates.

He explained: “The hotel industry pays higher rates for energy than anyone or any other industry."

Michaelides is also hoping the government hangs on to Cyprus Airways which is rumoured to be up for sale.

“There is enough lift to Cyprus without it but?if Cyprus Airlines disappears it sends out the wrong m