Crystal Ski introduces climate action training

Climate action webinars will be offered to seasonal Crystal Ski Holidays staff as part of a wider sustainability education initiative. 

The Tui operator is partnering with outdoor sports focussed climate advocates, Protect Our Winters UK (POW UK), in an effort to learn about climate change and “instil meaningful change”.

The joint venture will see Crystal Ski fund a new programme co-ordinator role for its education programme.

The partnership, initially established over three years, will include ‘Carbon Literacy Training’ for staff, which will be delivered over an 18-month period. 

The training equips the mountain sports community with knowledge of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and how emissions can be reduced, on an individual, community, and organisational basis. 

The eight-hour accredited course includes interactive discussions and outlines what is required to reach net zero.

Crystal Ski said: “The objective of all the training is to ensure that colleagues are confident and knowledgeable when talking about climate change while also normalising climate conversations and increasing engagement in climate action. 

“In addition, the partnership will offer subsidised Carbon Literacy Training to Crystal Ski Holiday customers to help raise awareness of POW UK’s climate change effort.”

Crystal Ski head of marketing Ellie Eyles said: “We’re excited to be taking positive steps forward by working with Protect Our Winters UK. 

“We recognise that as the leading ski operator, we have a responsibility to inform and inspire our colleagues and customers, as well as encourage a progressive step-change for them and the wider industry. 

“We hope this partnership and the training we are providing our teams, demonstrates our commitment to positive social and environmental change to help shape a more sustainable future for ski and outdoor sports.”

Dominic Winter, POW head of programmes, added: “It can be difficult for people to understand and articulate the science behind the climate crisis and why climate action is so vital. 

“Even those who feel inspired to act are often unsure how to be effective. Education is, therefore, a hugely effective way to empower change. 

“We’re proud to be working with Crystal Ski Holidays, and we’re confident that the expansion and delivery of our education programme will help both staff and the wider community take action.”

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